January 14, 2012

When we study the behavior of the people who have the power of love within them, we can catalogue how they behave in various situations, and out of this catalogue formulate some rules.

One of the peculiar things we notice about people who have this astonishing universal love is that they are apt (not always so, but very often) to play it rather cool on sexual love.

The reason for this is, generally speaking, unknown to preachers. But, it is because an erotic relationship with the external world operates so far as their concern between that world and every single nerve ending. Their whole organism, in all it’s aspects, (physical, psychological, and spiritual) is an erogenous zone.

Therefore, their flow of love is not specialized so exclusively in the genital system as it is with most other people. Especially in a culture such as ours, where for so many centuries, that particular expression of erotic love has been so marvelously repressed as to make it seem the most desirable kind of love that there is. And so we have, as a result of 2,000 years of Christianity, sex on the brain. Which isn’t always the right place for it.

Alan Watts